MOT – Module of Temporality


Subodh GUPTA

Subodh GUPTA

Born in 1964, in Khagaul, India 
Lives and works in Delhi, India

Exhibited around the world for over 20 years Subodh Gupta is one of the leading figures in contemporary art. Born in Bihar, the seat of Buddhist knowledge, the artist explores, through the icons of Indian culture, the importance of objects and daily rituals in the construction of an individual and collective identity. 

Through painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance and installation, Subodh Gupta uses the objects of everyday Indian life as raw materials for his work (stainless steel kitchen utensils, milk buckets, Chapati, cow dung, etc.) to bear witness to the changes in his country and to question the ambivalence of a society torn between tradition and globalization, wealth and poverty.