MOT – Module of Temporality



South Korea

Born in 1957, in Daegu, South Korea 
Lives and works in Seoul, South Korea and Paris, France

Kimsooja is a major figure in contemporary art. She has participated in more than thirty biennials and triennials around the world and represented South Korea at the 24th Sao Paulo Biennale and the 55th Venice Biennale. 

A nomadic artist, Kimsooja draws on her Korean origins to reflect on the universal and timeless theme of exile. Contemplation and immobility as corollaries of movement are the times and postures favored by Kimsooja. Traveling without moving, melting into the crowd, acting through immobility or the transport of fabrics that have become anonymous, tossed here and there, so many contradictory and everyday states of the human condition and contemporary time that are tirelessly represented by Kimsooja.