MOT – Module of Temporality



One of our goals is to help to renovate damaged cultural objects that have been damaged by hostilities. Anyone can be involved in MOT fund filling by purchasing tickets to the exhibition and events in our space or any item in the gift store, and then artists’ works at a special auction. We’ll also release a limited circulation of printed DTF Magazine — the special art-issue dedicated to art and reflections in times of uncertainty, with a QR-code for payment inside the magazine. The amount of the cost going to the fund will be indicated on each category of payment.

A certain amount will be transferred to the fund from each payment:

  • exhibition tickets, event tickets, printed DTF Magazine — 100% excluding taxes
  • gift-store — all profits, except for certain items, on which a certain percentage will be indicated
  • auction — 100% excluding taxes, with the exception of separate agreements with the artists

100% of collected funds will be donated to rebuild art institutions and monuments, in particular museums, that will be chosen by the project team with involvement of specialists from different fields. Depending on the total sum that we will collect and the scale of damage, we will have the possibility to support one or several such objects. A report on the collected and spent funds will be published on the website and on the @mot.object Instagram page.

Everyday operation of ‘Module of Temporality’ is provided by its organizer — don`t Take Fake, and our partners.
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If your business would like to transfer money to the fund, you can buy tickets for your employees or clients with a fixed price — 200 UAH per one, or items from the gift-store. You can design your own tickets then using our layout available here (such tickets don`t give the priority entrance and can be exchanged for the entrance bracelet at the MOT reception).

If you wish to transfer part of the proceeds from the sale of your goods or services, you can do so without additional approval from our project team. Important: it is forbidden to use the MOT logo in your communication without the approval of the organizers. You can discuss the possibilities of cooperation with the co-founder of don`t Take Fake Dmytro Sobol ([email protected]).

Requisites for payment:

NGO Zminy
Registration Code: 42912690
IBAN (UAH): UA043052990000026009035026138 at JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”
IBAN (USD): UA123052990000026002045020239 at JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”
Bank SWIFT Code


For international transfers:

Correspondent bank
Account in the correspondent bank 6231605145


If you’d like to partly cover the operational costs of the ‘Module of Temporality’ project you can make a transfer to LLC DTF Agency:

Registration Code 24590360
IBAN (UAH, EUR): UA613348510000000026008123251 at First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB)

Correspondent bank
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Am Stadtpark, 9, A-1030,Vienna, Austria