MOT – Module of Temporality




Born in 1981, in Mirnograd, Donetsk region, Ukraine 
Lives and works in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Painter, graphic artist, photographer, author of objects and installations, graffiti artist and musician, Roman Minin is one of the major figures of contemporary art in Ukraine. Drawing on his family and social origins, the artist, originally from the Donbas mining region, has made the figure of the miner and his fate, both heroic and tragic, the cornerstone of his work.

Through multiple forms and media (bas-relief, stained glass, tapestry or carpet, oil painting…), Roman Minin delivers a metaphorical and universal vision of the enclosed universe of the miner. The artist is also one of the first to have used the digital technologies of virtual imaging and augmented reality to give birth to a new art form that he has called “Transmonumentalism”. He has opened an art centre (Art Embassy) in Kharkiv dedicated to art education and experience sharing.