MOT – Module of Temporality




Born in 1977 in Saverne, France 
Lives and works between Paris, France and Berlin, Germany

Considered one of the pioneers of urban art in France in the 1990s, Aguirre Schwarz, alias ZEVS, is one of the most important figures of the international street art movement. As a visual artist, painter and performer, ZEVS’ satirical and committed work is at the crossroads of several artistic disciplines. 

From city pavements to gallery walls, the visual artist reacts to urban signs and consumer codes with his “visual attacks” to question public space and its relationship to society.As a 

“serial pub killer”, the artist maintains a love-hate relationship with logos and brands. He is known worldwide for his “Liquidated logos” project in which he attacks logos and symbols by “liquidating” them in a cynical and offbeat way….